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For smart, inclusive and sustainable growth



  • Create awareness, regional inland waterways canals and lakes are not well represented in EU policy
  • Emphasize economic potential and recreational use of waterways, facts and figures for waterways investments
  • Establish a certain position in order to influence decision makers in Europe
  • Reach better access to funding, scanning EU grant schemes and subsidies for the next program period 2014-2020
  • Exchange of knowledge
  • Create and propose balanced partnerships for concrete cooperation projects based on common interests and geographical situation. Work for the; environment, management, business opportunity and related new employment, cultural heritage, multifunction, waterfronts regeneration.



  • Create awareness amongst EU decision makers of the potential and challenges of inland waterways for economic development through ongoing strategic networking and lobbying.
  • Provide inputs for national debates and dialogues for getting inland waterways higher on the policy agenda based upon needs and requests from the Network members.
  • Facilitate an ongoing knowledge and experience exchange on inland waterways issues through setting up and management of an expert database.
  • Facilitate matching of interests between the Networks public authority members and organizations representing the private (recreational) waterways sector and the research and technology sector.
  • Increase the attention for the development potential and raise the image of inland waterways through strategic Communication, Publicity and PR measures.
  • Strategic and continuous scanning of EU grants´ schemes and subsidies for the upcoming seven years funding periods in both territorial and sectorial programs.




Only a strong unified voice could bring the inland waterways higher on national and European policy agendas. These waterways are not only a potential for growth and jobs linked to sustainable transport but they are also a backbone for the economy - housing, culture, tourism and leisure - of the adjacent towns and regions. More than 500 cities and regions in Europe are bordering inland waterways and lakes and they are all working on similar topics linked to waterway management and socio economic development. If they join forces and transfer their experiences, this will not only impact on EU policy recognition of the socio economic relevance but also contribute to the knowledge of good and bad practices of each individual member of the Network. Finally the Network can be an engine for generating funding, building balanced partnerships and providing professional advice on how to build successful EU funded projects. The potential in number of memberships is huge.




Telemark County Council (NO)

City of Karlstad (SE)

Värmland County Administrative Board - CAB (SE)

Randers Fjord (DK)

Gudenaa River (DK)

Bremerhaven (DE)

Navigli Lombardi s.c.a.r.l. (IT)

Civilta dell´Acqua (IT)

Assn. of Riverside Towns of the Castille Channel SIRGA (ES)

French Waterways - VNF (FR)

Tourism East-Flanders (BE)

Emmen (NL)

Stichting Recreatietoervaart Nederland - SRN (NL)


Canal & River Trust (UK)

Cotswold Canals (UK)

Heritage Council (UK)

Monmouthshire, Brecon & Abergavenny Canals Trust -

MBAC Trust (UK)

Scottish Canals (UK)

Waterways Ireland (IE)

South Tipperary County Council









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